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A Hot-blooded Soccer Youth Story! New Multimedia Project “Futsal Boys!!!!!” Announced!

Bandai Namco Arts, Bandai Namco Entertainment and diomedea today (4th October) announces a new multimedia project, “Futsal Boys!!!!!” (フットサルボーイズ!!!!!), focusing on the hot-blooded soccer story of young boys. It also reveals the characters based on the design of Strawberry 100% mangaka Mizuki Kawashita (河下水希).

The innovative project includes anime, smartphone game and five-a-side football tournaments. Players will be able to affect the story of the anime and game, by participating in the tournaments.

The youth story circles around five football high school teams, and each is designed by a renowned mangaka or illustrator, including Mizuki Kawashita (河下水希); Utako Yukihiro (雪広うたこ); Tanaka Ogeretsu (たなかマルメロ); Urumiya Ruka (潤宮るか), Sata (沙汰) and Shirano (シラノ); Lily Hoshino (星野 リリィ).

Koyo Futsal Club

The player list from Koyo Futsal Club is also revealed. The six-member team is led by former U-18 Youth Championship Japan representative Tsukioka Toi (月丘 柊依) and is aiming to be the top five-a-side football team in Japan.

▲ Illustration of Koyo Futsal Club
▲ Original character design from Mizuki Kawashita

Koyo Futsal Club Character PV

Cast and Characters

■ Yamato Haru (大和 晴) – CV: Takara Ryota (高良崚太)

■ Sakaki Seichiro (榊星一郎) – CV: Ishimori Shouto (石森周斗)

■ Tsukioka Toi (月丘 柊依) – CV: Yoshiwara Kohei (吉原康平)

■ Yokinaga Tsubaki (幸永 椿貴) – CV: Yamaguchi Ryotaro (山口諒太郎)

■ Nagumo Ryu (南雲 竜) – CV: Furuta Kazuki (古田一紀)

■ Amakado Taiga (天門 泰雅) – CV: Sakai Yasunao (坂井易直)

AGF 2019

“Futsal Boys!!!!!”also confirms to join AGF 2019, which will be held on 9th – 10th November in Ikebukuro. A special event featuring the cast of Koyo Futsal Club will meet their fans on stage in 11th November at Hareza Ikebukuro harevutai. More details of the project will also be revealed.

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