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AKB48 Sosenkyo! Shifuku (Plain-clothes) Surprise Happyo 2018 (Shueisha Mook)

AKB 48 general election! Private surprise 2018 (AKB 48 Special Mook) / Shueisha
This year Private clothes, surprise! In this one volume AKB and a date feeling ♪ AKB48 × bliss = plain clothes surprise. A collection of national idols, members of the AKB 48 group who took photos taken with other private clothes.


The results of ’10th AKB 48 World Selection General Election’ conducted in Nagoya are introduced in the ranking form by private gravure! [Initial edition limited privilege] 1 type from 114 types with raw photographs Digital Contents Delivery Decision! 1st place · Matsui Zurinaka shoots after returning and will re-edition the digital version “AKB general election! Private clothing surprise announcement 2018” scheduled to be delivered at a later date.

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