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Dragon Raja – Rift Guide

Rifts are hidden mini-game instances that we can find across the world of Dragon Raja.


The Rifts show up as a glowing, blinking sparkly purple spot in the game world. If we find these Rifts, we can use our vision skill Third Eye to find the entrance (circled in purple below).


The Third Eye skill is toggled via the button below our character portrait in the upper left of the game screen (circled in red below).

These entrances will appear as an odd black “fluffy” ball once we activate our Third Eye skill (circled in purple below).

Interact with the entrance to enter.

Once inside a Rift instance, many of these mini-games will require us to activate our Third Eye vision skill to find clues, where to go or to see hidden puzzles.


Rifts show up and disappear randomly.


Only one person can be inside each Rift at a time. If someone else is inside, the rift entrance will disappear until they come back out.
If a “Line” (channel) is full, you can switch to another Line.
Thanks Pipi (S2 Valhalla) for the above info!


There are various types of puzzle instances for these rifts.

Some of these puzzles are easy, while some are harder.

Rift rewards:

Each Rift instance can reward us with up to 100 Rift Fragments.

Rift Puzzle Types

Every time we enter a rift, we are assigned a random puzzle and location. Most of the puzzles will require us to use the Third Eye skill before we can see the puzzle or clues.
Our character will “talk” and give us clues as to what we should be doing inside the Rift, so keep an eye on the character dialogue pop-ups.


The Red to Green puzzle

This puzzle requires us to have the Third Eye skill active, otherwise the puzzle itself will be invisible. If you can’t find the puzzle, go to a wall and follow it in one set direction with the Third Eye skill active until you see the puzzle.
Below is a solution for this puzzle in which we have to turn all of the red glowing stones green.

This puzzle can be solved by activating all 4 of the stones over at the corners (2, 3, 4, 5) and the middle one.

Order: 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5

Alternative order: 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 1

Breaking the Enchantment (blue-glowing cubes)

Enter the blue-glowing cubes when they show up. Avoid the red AoEs.

There is a variant of this where we have to talk to an npc inside a cube, break the enchantment and kill bats that show up.

Dice rolling

Talk to the NPC girl and roll the dice up to five times.
If you get an even number you’ll get a reward chest chance. If you roll an odd number everything will disappear. We can decide to stop rolling and collect our rewards at any time.

Run around and look for rewards chests and kill mobs (bats)

This puzzle is rather straightforward: run around with the Third Eye skill active and look for chests to open.

The chests usually drop down from the ceiling. At times bats will show up that we can kill for extra Rift Fragments.

The reward amount can be lower than the other puzzle types and will depend on your luck.

Known rift locations (approximate coordinates):

Chizuru: 237,179

Siberia Harbor: 163, 227

Siberia Harbor: 369, 340

Paradisio Outskirts: 88, 39

Icy Lair: 184,102

Icy Lair: 217, 141

Hydras: 335, 137

Cassell College: 220, 295

Rift info thanks to Riz (S2 Valhalla)

Nirvanahalle: 91, 106

Siberia Harbor: 313, 287

Siberia Harbor: 187, 225

Siberia Harbor: 248, 111

Rift info thanks to ReToE (S2 Valhalla)

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