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Nogizaka46 Erika Ikuta Photobook: Intermission

Nogizaka 46 Ikuta Eiki Flower Photo Album Intermission / Ikuta Eri Akari / work written by Kazutaka Nakamura / edited
While playing an active part as Nogizaka 46, Ikuta Eiki flower, which increases its radiance as a nova of musical expectations, shoots down in New York, USA! We are dancing for 7 days with the theme “Discover in New York, New Myself”. Nogizaka 46 Ikuta Eiki flower called “Lady” of Ichi will show off a new form that grew, receiving inspiration from authentic entertainment at NY Broadway! 【Points of Interest】 ■ September 2018, America · I’m dedicating seven days of location in New York. ■ In his twenties, he also focused on one aspect that grew mature. ■ Challenge your first lingerie shot.

It is glamorous and women also show off an outstanding style that admires. ■ The world’s show business center · The gorgeous appearance that you can show at Broadway is also a must watch! ■ Ikuta Erika who became adult Includes the best special cut of the past that will bring out the new charm of flowers. ■ First photo collection “Traning” won 1st place in photo collections in the first half of 2016. Born in Düsseldorf, Germany for the first time in 3 years! ■ Nogisaka 46 Itchi’s “Lady” Ikuta Erika One book full of expressions that you can see for the first time!

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